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Sunday, May 3, 2009

More New Milan Businesses !

I cut two Red Ribbons to welcome two brand new downtown businesses this past Saturday, with my good friend, Milan Area Chamber of Commerce president, Christine Mann--who was kind enough to invite me to officiate.

The first one was Wolverine Military Outfitters on Wabash St., (right next door to Roy’s BBQ)

This store is chock full of military surplus gear, and some pretty cool obscure, vintage stuff too, including a circa WWII hand powered electric generator. Being an antique lover, I was all over that! The cool thing about this store, is that it serves a real niche market---meaning---no matter what the economy is doing there will always be people interested in collecting this kind of stuff, and they will travel pretty far to get it. This is what I like to call a “destination” shop.

Christine and I also welcomed Craigsbay, LLC to W. Main Street as well. This shop is located in the former Milan Lumber Yard. If you love resale shops, vintage clothing, unique collectibles, jewelry, gently used appliances, all at an incredibly affordable price, this is the place for you. Also—if you have items like this to sell, and don’t want to mess with Craigslist or Ebay, (get it? The name of the shop is based on those two combined! Clever huh? ) then Craigsbay is for you. My first visit to the shop, I wanted to meet Darius, but I had just missed him. But being a girl who likes a good deal, I hit the jackpot finding a fabulous little black dress for $6. I might even wear it to my 27th high school reunion coming up this summer.

I invite you to visit both of these new shops, and while you’re downtown why not make a day of it explore what else is there. See what you can “discover.”

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