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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Come one come all to--Taste of Milan

...For a taste of what’s GREAT about our community

I am so grateful to the Milan Area Chamber of Commerce for their commitment to making our community a fantastic place to live and conduct business!

Last year I attended the Taste of Milan event for the first time,

and because the event was so fabulous, indulgent, decadent and fun---I was actually both delighted that I was there, but mad at myself for missing out on the first two years.

Why ? ? ? ?

I’m still remembering this fantastic pasta dish that Chef Christian Thompson, of Christian’s Catering created. It was a cheese stuffed ravioli in a creamy sauce, with a generous amount of mushrooms. There are people who were there last year, who are still talking about Christian’s ravioli--It was sublime. Yes, it’s THAT good.

But it’s not just the food. It’s what happens when people get together and have a good time enjoying great food.

It is truly a special night.

When ????

Thursday, May 14 from 5-8:30 p.m.

Milan Senior/Community Center

Another standout from last year was the fried cheese-cake from Milan City Market. It sounds crazy, but it is actually ingenious. Think of a deep fried eggroll, only instead of the traditional savoy cabbage, shrimp, soy sauce and vegetables, this roll was filled with a creamy, cheesecake filling, and the outside “crust” had a light dusting of cinnamon sugar. Pure indulgence, and easy to eat without a fork too!

Last year the offerings included samples from:

* China One (love their crab rangoon)

* Pepsi-Cola

* The Lighthouse Coffee Co., (who can resist those pasties, or those vanilla lattes and soup?)

* Roy’s BBQ ( I LOVE their classic sandwich that’s topped with coleslaw)

* Original Gravity Brewing Company, ( a.k.a. the "O.G" , they have a microbrew that includes adding orange flavored tic-tacs to the recipe—sounds crazy but it’s crazy good! )

* Milan Bakery, (since last year, they’ve expanded their fare to include submarine sandwiches—they were a huge hit at Discover Milan Day)

* Marco’s Pizza, (we love the BLT pizza)

* Nagle’s Market, (they sell wine, ice-cream AND hot dogs, among other things—a small market that has filled several niches extremely well.)

* Milan City Market, (already mentioned the fried cheesecake, but they have about a scrillion choices at their deli, and their produce is top notch as well)

OK, so in addition to being the Mayor of the City of Milan, you now know for certain: yes, I am a “foodie.”

But it is a label I wear proudly, and I am positive there are more foodies out there just like me. Taste of Milan is the perfect event for people “like us.”

This year’s event will be even more fun because the Backstreet Cruizers classic car show will be going on in the park at the same time. For more information on the Backstreet Cruizers please visit their website at: www.backstreetcruizers.com

In addition, there will be kid’s activities including a Bounce House, craft projects and a fishing pond for prizes.

An evening of affordable fun for the whole family.


Adults are $10 / 5 taste tickets

Kids age 5-12 are $5/ 3 taste tickets

Kids under 4 years old free admission

Additional tastes $1 each.

For more information please contact the Milan Area Chamber office at : (734) 439-7932 (leave message if no answer), Robert Haeske at 417-1294 or via e-mail: robert.l.haeske@juno.com.

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  1. If you need someone to market something, ask Mayor Kym...she has a passion for Milan AND great writing skills from all her years working as a news reporter!