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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My pledge to the Milan city residents

The same rules that apply to me and you, also apply to our city employees.

No special treatment or consideration will be given to individuals just because of close friendships with council members.

As mayor, it is my job to ensure transparency and fairness, especially when investigating a city personnel matter.

Those in position of authority, our police officers, must uphold to the highest code of behavior, to ensure the respect and integrity of the uniform they wear.

In the most recent personnel issue involving Sgt. Tim Casey, I requested the State Police conduct an external investigation to ensure transparency, objectivity and fairness.

There is no black eye on the community as a result of an open, objective investigation by an outside authority. In fact it is just the opposite. There can be no sweeping the matter under the rug if the employee is culpable. There can be no pursuing of a witch hunt if the employee is actually innocent.

Public trust in the police department is paramount. We must not compromise the honesty of our police department just because of individual friendships to one or more elected officials.

Any employee, who breaks the rules through his or her own act of free will, must accept whatever consequences of that act.

I understand the feelings of the elected officials who are close friends with Sgt. Casey, but no one is above the law. The same rules that apply to you and me must apply to those in the “inner circle.”

When any employee is charged with breaking the law, this is an act of free will, and he or she must accept the consequences.

Any and all employee investigations should be concluded before city officials publicly discuss them. Talking about an ongoing investigation of an individual is a violation of that person’s privacy and more importantly his right to fair due process. Well meaning statements from supportive council members, could violate the civil rights of Sgt. Casey and compromise his right to fair due process.

There is not one set of rules for those with the “right” friends, and another set of rules for the rest of us.

Kym Muckler

Mayor--City of Milan

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  1. Ms Muckler,

    Your comments concerning the current situation involving Sgt. Tim Casey are appalling. I agree that Sgt. Tim Casey should not have "special treatment or consideration" because of being close friends with any council members, or the MAYOR for that matter. By the same token, he should not be judged by the same without TOTAL consideration of the SIXTEEN years that he's served loyally to our city of Milan.

    Your decision to subject his 'prank' to an external investigation is in my opinion incomprehensible. To think for one moment that this man, or ANY man, should be charged with a TEN YEAR FELONY for these actions are ludicrous! I have NEVER heard of ANY citizen, ANYWHERE, who was caught using illegal fireworks that faced anything close to what you suggest for Sgt. Tim Casey. This situation could have been dealt with ‘internally' with "objectivity and fairness" if that was truly your goal! Its seems instead that this was an unsuccessful attempt to bring shame on one of our city's most valued and trusted servants. Together, you and our police chief have made a mockery of Milan and yourselves. You speak of honesty as being important, while your words seem to be a desperate attempt to defend your grossly inappropriate actions. I can't help but wonder what the 'real' motivation was behind it all. (That will never be made public I'm sure.)

    For the record, Sgt Casey has MANY more friends here in Milan than merely a few council members! It is obvious though that you are not one of them.

    Tim Casey has helped our family on more than one occasion and has done more than was required to do so! He GENUINELY cares deeply for Milan and all who live here. If he loses his job over this silliness, the motivation behind yours and Chief Lewis's actions should be 'investigated' as well!!

  2. That comes as no surprise!

  3. I will just make note that if I, or anyone else I knew, let any kind of fireworks (illegal or not) off in my place of employment (not merely in possession of such items), I am quite certain that I would have been immediately terminated, no questions asked. It would not matter how long I had been employed there. It would not matter what my motivation for committing such crime was. Then, formal charges would have been pursued.

    Would this “prank” have been considered more serious by you if someone had been hurt? Anyone with common sense would know that this is an unacceptable behavior and there should be consequences for such action.

    The police are not only sworn to protect, but also to UPHOLD the law. If we can’t trust the police to uphold the law, who can we trust? Especially an officer with rank – who is setting an example for not only the community he serves, but those under him as well. Certainly there should be accountability for ones actions.

    I also do not see the city, or the “most trusted and valued servants” thereof being shamed by this one officers actions, and certainly not by the investigation of such actions. Quite the opposite, in fact. It appears to me that the only shame is on the officer who committed the crime. (Nothing like trying to turn the table and making someone else the one responsible). If there is one pet peeve I have, it is someone who refuses to take responsibility for their actions.

    I, for one, am glad that this situation is being handled by an outside investigation. Mayor Muckler promised transparency. With the amount of corruption in this day and age, certainly it is best that this situation be handled by an outside authority. If handled internally, it would have the appearance of being swept under the rug, and when that happens, the residents should be worried...that is when corruption runs rampant. I trust that the majority of our police hold to their promise to uphold and protect.

    Teresa Snider

  4. I would like to make note of your comments…you state that in this instance a ‘crime’ has been committed! However, for that to be true there must be a conviction. Considering that Sgt. Casey has not yet been convicted of anything, this statement is a bit premature. The mayor expressed her concern that comments prior to a complete investigation could somehow violate Sgt. Casey’s civil rights. Certainly this type of ‘presumptuous’ thought could do just that! However, any of Milan’s citizens who speak in support of him, the person he is, and all that he has done for our city would not! I am not a ‘personal’ friend to this man. He is only known to our family through his being a “valued and trusted” policeman here in our town for SIXTEEN years! He and several others have loyally served our community for years and have gained the respect of MANY‼! Your comments lead me to wonder what your relationship is with our new mayor; it seems she too holds similar views, clearly ‘putting the cart before the horse.’
    Another comment you’ve made which concerns me is that one’s ‘motivation’ for committing a crime does not matter! I am not in a position to ‘know’ a lot about police procedures, but, it seems to me that when someone is charged with the SERIOUS crime of murder, even their motive is taken into consideration. My personal opinion is that one’s motivation is a very pertinent piece of information in determining their guilt.
    Your hypothetical question directed towards my feelings regarding this matter is not pertinent. There were NO injuries that resulted and knowing this officer as I do, I am quite confident that he made PRIOR consideration concerning the safety of any who may have been present at the time! Another thing, you seem to imply that any who support this man lack common sense. My children have been taught that their actions bring consequences, both ‘good’ AND ‘bad’. As adults, I assumed that to be a given.
    Your suggesting that I have attempted to “turn the tables” seems to be in ‘defense’ of those whose actions I’ve questioned in this matter. Never did I suggest that Casey should not accept responsibility for his actions, instead, I’ve said on more than one occasion that he made a mistake. Knowing the type of man that he is, I am certain he admits to his poor judgment at the time of this occurrence.
    Lastly, our view of “one responsible” is also quite different. What about the chief allowing ‘dangerous’ firecrackers to be stored in drawers without inventory. It would seem reasonable to me that he should have an appropriate storage for such items! If proper procedure and policy were in place this would never have happened! To what degree is HE responsible for this situation?
    What bothers me most is that we would not be having this ‘conversation’ if it had been handled appropriately. There was absolutely NO reason that this needed to be made into such a circus event. An internal investigation would have provided the means for Casey to have been disciplined and the matter put to rest. It appears that the only “corruption” residents need to be concerned with is that of our highest elected officials. The more I read about this situation, the more it seems to be a personal grudge issue.

  5. Unreal... this should have been treated internally with a more fitting punishment. I also hope there isn't any type of grudge that is playing a part in this situation.

  6. Mayor Muckler,

    Do you really believe that handling this situation this way resulted in "no black eye on the community?" Have you read anything that has been posted by individuals on this matter? Look at the forums

    "Chief Lewis displayed a glaring lack of judgement which will result in the expenditure of tax dollars we can't afford to lose.I hate the thought of him making life or death decisions out in the community."

    "What if Chief Lewis was faced with a real issue, an emergency? Would he have someone who could make a decision? Now his department looks silly."

    "This just proves how pointless a police department in Milan is. That little town could do without."

    "Your description of this investigation taking it to an outside authority simply did NOT give the impression of impartiality, nor does it 'take away' the impression of a head hunting authority...quite the opposite"

    "to spend the money for this. come on. I guess you can't fix stupid"

    "Andy and Barney of Milanberry have run amok"

    There are a LOT more if you care to look into how this is really affecting others' views on the community. I think I liked you better when you were were spending your time being more concerned with getting new flagpoles ("Little Things Count Big For Elected Leaders" Monroe Evening News 11/14/09)

    -Charlie Birchmeier

    all comments were pulled from http://www.annarbor.com/milan-police-sergeant-suspended-criminally-charged-in-bathroom-fireworks-prank/

  7. Ok Mayor Muckler, I understand you "reserve the right" to pick and choose which posts remain on "your" blog, but I am extremely annoyed that Teresa's post mysteriously reappeared here, yet mine did not!! Please tell me that my post was not considered dangerous for you or your children as having contained "threats and name calling"?...Was it my past post you refered to in our email corrospondences?!!!

    Okay, let's talk "transperancy"....this word has been overused in recent months...when lies and censorship are common practice among those claiming to respect such a practice, it becomes meaningless! What a joke!