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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The cruel sister of decision


Decisions. Making them is easy. Reaching them is hard. For me, the hardest part; is doing the work I have to do because of the decisions I made. Oh, that, and um, ahem, living with them.

Friends, it's been 3 years since my last blog. THREE years. A lot has happened. Too much to even attempt to explain in detail. But I will attempt to do so in a time efficient list form:

Mayoral election, end of 23 year marriage, divorce, job change, mayoral election, job change, house sale, move, cosmetology school, career change, and coming up soon, the end of my mayoral term, and coming up soon; "What will I do now?"

Throw in some, "my kids are growing up," and some "on-line dating," for good measure and sprinkle in mayoral duties throughout and you've got a pretty busy full life.

So, in a nutshell that's what I've been doing instead of blogging.

Amazing where my life has taken me just because of some decisions I made.

No, I'm not running again. I made that abundantly clear many months ago. The election is set, my name's not on the ballot.

And, this really is the right thing for me to do. Both for me, and for the city. This was a tough decision. It took swallowing my ego.

I have to laugh!

My longtime, LONG time political nemesis, Michael Armitage is going to be my successor, and I support him. Three years ago, if anyone had told me this would be happening I never would have believed it. I'm SURE, if you were to ask Mike Armitage the same question, he'd say the exact same thing.

While I believe my choice to run back in 2008 was a hasty, spur of the moment idea---I do believe the work and the accomplishments of the council and city employees has been solid. Projects were envisioned and realized. The performance of the council has been productive, the meetings, tight and efficient.

Taxes were lowered, services streamlined, and everything I wanted to accomplish here—has been accomplished. At this point, I have no more ideas, and nothing left to give. That's how I know stepping down is the right thing to do.

Now the main thing I'm working on, and most concerned about is dealing with the cruel sister of Decision-- Transition.

For both the City of Milan---and personally, for myself.

I'm supporting Mike Armitage for mayor. I think he's going to do a good job. While I can joke about all the little chess moves between Mike and me, during my tenure as mayor, and his on the council---I have to say, with all sincerity, it has been a great learning process. I've learned that you should never close the book on someone, just because you disagree with something they've done or said.

Despite everything I've done to discourage, block, embarrass and harass him—he has risen above it all. ALL of the political games and barbs I threw at him over time; not letting him sit to my right, (the mayor pro-tem traditionally sits to the right of the mayor,) was probably the meanest…despite all of my political shenanigans; he's always been affable, amiable and enthusiastic. He really gave me no choice, really. I did not want to like him. I really didn't! I was gradually won over, because he always brought ideas to the table. He always brought a willingness to work, research, follow-up. Plus he shows up. He's earned my respect as well. He's everywhere. It's really his time now. I'm happy to help him transition, I'm constantly giving him advice; not that he wants it, asks for it, or will take it---I'm giving it to him just the same. And I truly wish him and the future council well.

The second part of the transition has to with me.

Of course I'll be returning to my first love, (no, not my ex) but writing. I plan to keep this blog and start posting here again.

There is no plan really---it's a transition---anything can happen. Like a raw ball of clay being shaped and stretched into something useful. My decision---is to transition my life into something useful.

Cheers for now!


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